Classes are Mysore-style and run Sunday through Friday honoring the moon days. On Fridays we come together after class to explore  questions and philosophy.

Slight changes have been made in order to enhance the contemplative experience and sustainability

Ashtanga Yoga Morjim Open

September 15th 2019 to May 8th 2020 - with two breaks

Breaks/No classes:

  - December 21, 2019 to December 27, 2019

  - April 5, 2020 to April 11, 2020

Admission is closed until March 27th 2020.

Admission is open from March 29 2020 to May 8 2020

Only emails to inquiries during the available time will be answered.

If you are a returning practitioner you are encouraged to write.


 *ALL practitioners must formally write the shala 

* 1 month minimum to study at AYM

 *a few slots per month reserved for 2 week commitments 

(priority given to parents/professionals)

 *maximum stay for new students is 2 months

 *maximum stay for returning students is 4 months

 * longer stays possible with special permission only (no exceptions)

 *practitioners are required to start on a Sunday and finish on Friday

 *respond within two weeks after acceptance notification to confirm your space

  *only parents and local residents are allowed to request a start time

 *plan ahead and schedule your one block of time at the shala as leaving and returning within a season is not permitted (complete all travel in India before / after studying at the shala - no exceptions)

 *before applying read the ethos page on the website

*bring your own mat

**You may only attend the Shala by contacting Sharmila directly**

Use your name and study dates as the subject tittle

Please be patient with emails as usually I catch up when I can on the weekends and moon days. At the moment our WIFI is intermittent at best because of the rains.


We have created the FAQ page to help practitioners with their travel plans. Kindly understand this is all the information available. It is not possible to answer emails regarding travel arrangements or dates outside of the range, etc.

 The weather in Goa is tropical and not always predictable - sometimes September is very pleasant while other times it still rains heavily from the monsoon, sometimes March is still cool while other times the heat comes early. The shala remains open no matter the conditions and teaching remains constant