The idea to create a shala on ancestral land was planted over 15 years ago when visiting my grandmother in Morjim, Goa. The slowing down of time, abundance of natural life along with traditional village customs felt ideal to practice yoga and to raise a family wholistically.

Inspiration for the structure came from the old Morjai temple [pictured above/now no longer in existence] which we frequented growing up, locally sourced materials and handcrafted artisanal work.

We began on a thorn patch. We had to clear and level the land, hand measuring with rice flour to see where a shala could breathe in between the coconut trees.


Circumstances and resources asked us to build in stages.

Lots of unexpected experiences happened while waiting in between the stages, for instance, in the monsoons we often found the local cows taking shelter in the unfinished structure bringing smiles to our faces and adding a sweetness to the energy of the shala.

After the work was complete we cultivated the surrounding area which was quite barren.

Over the course of three monsoons we worked alongside the Agriculture Society of Goa to study and grow local vegetation before we opened the doors to practitioners. We are thankful for the process of patience, resilience and creativity that continues today.